Edition 3

The Yellow Paper Edition 3 includes Art Writing graduates of 20222 and contributions from Kate Briggs, Rebecca Fortnum, Hazel Glass, Paul Mendez, Sara O’Brien Elizabeth Reeder, Stephen Sutcliffe & Susannah Thomson. Edited by the Art Writing Programme lead Laura Haynes.

With new writing from: Laura Haynes ‘Trig Point’, Kate Briggs ‘Round a Corner’, Hazel Glass ‘Proxyerotics: Notes on Touch’, Clara Raillard ‘My Critical Murder Party’, Sara O’Brien ‘Porous Selves: A Provisional Index’, Paul Mendez & Susannah Thompson ‘A conversation on Rainbow Milk’, Marie-Chantal Hamrock ‘Sometimes Her Tracks are Dim’, Rebecca Fortnum ‘(Re)membering’, Alex Bottomley ‘Nigella’, Caitlin Merrett King ‘Ms Real Gets Indigestion’, Donald Butler ‘Post-Nut Clarity’, Stephen Sutcliffe ‘A Brain-Dump Comprising 8 Anecdotes Roughly About Translation’, Esraa Shanawaz ‘Collective Shock’, Elizabeth Reeder ‘On Surveying’, Rachel Loughran ‘Learning From Our Elders’, Lucie McLaughlin ‘Parting, Picking’, Ben Redhead ‘Score for Two Voice Turntables’, Ciaran Mac Domhnaill ‘The Disneyfication of the Gloryhole’, rebekah raine probert ‘Astronaut Suit’, and Sarah Long ‘Beat Time’.

ISBN 978-1-9162092-2-0

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