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Soft Shell Mother of Pearl Jul 2024 Percy Miranda Alvarez-Trabado CHICKEN FINGERS , Lucille Brownrigg an invitation, Hayley Jane Dawson Is the Person Ok, Is the Person With Us, RS Dennis Performance Studies, Maeve Dolan this is an entrance I promise, Margaret Gray Vigil, Madeleine Kaye SHELL, Rosie O'Grady Contract, Carlotta Riechmann Hot Boots, Leah Sinforiani HOW TO LOOK AFTER THE BUGS IN YOUR BED, Olivia Wiles Version 14, Kate Wu The Sad Oyster
Edition 4 Sep 2023 Laura Haynes How to Take Your Leave: an editorial, Kelcey Flaherty Running, Esther Draycott Janey, Laura Guy Dyke Research: Incomplete Index, Gianni Esporas Migrating Spores, Alice Hill-Woods Opus, Michael Pedersen Another Horsedreamer’s Blues, Tawnya Selene Renelle , Iona Marshall Her Mother’s Daughter, Theo Hynan-Ratcliffe With a tendency towards aftermatter, Maria Garay Arriba In and out and/or in and out, Emily Megan Foster What a Lovely Flower Our Bones Make, Aurelie Chan Hon Sen The Orange Household, Gianni Esporas Migrating Spores, Kate Timney Two Beaches, Edited by Maria Howard Siting/Citing the Claypits, Sebastian Taylor Introduction (to CAConrad), CAConrad Landscape, Silas Lehane French Exit, Emma Aars Cavalli shit from a dead aunt
This is not a biography* Sep 2023 This is not a biography*, Laura Haynes This is not a biography*: Editorial
Edition 3 Aug 2022 Laura Haynes Trig Point: an editorial, Kate Briggs Round a Corner, Hazel Glass Proxyerotics: Notes on Touch, Clara Raillard My Critical Murder Party, Sara O'Brien Porous Selves: A Provisional Index, Paul MendezSusannah Thompson A conversation on Rainbow Milk, Marie-Chantal Hamrock Sometimes Her Tracks Are Dim, Rebecca Fortnum (Re)membering, Alex Bottomley Nigella, Caitlin Merrett King Ms Real Gets Indigestion , Donald Butler Post-Nut Clarity , Esraa Shanawaz Collective Shock , Elizabeth Reeder On Surveying   , Rachel Loughran Learning From Our Elders, Lucie McLaughlin Parting, Picking, Ben Redhead Score for Two Voiced Turntables, Ciarán Mac Domhnaill The Disneyfication of the Gloryhole, rebekah raine probert Astronaut Suit , Sarah Long Beat Time , Stephen Sutcliffe A Brain-Dump Comprising 8 Anecdotes Roughly About Translation
Open School Feb 2022 7 - 8 April 2022Biographical Fictioning Spring School Masterclass, 31 Oct - 1 Nov 2022Biographical Fictioning Part 2: The Lyric Autumn School Masterclass
Edition 2 Sep 2021 Laura Haynes On Uncertainty: an editorial, Daniela Cascella My Chimera, Megan Rudden Not Always Dessert, Melissa McCarthy Epidermal Epistemology aboard the Pequod, Molly May O'Leary Lambent Flame, Siuán Ní Dhochtartaigh The Grateful Economy, Alice Wadkin The Conference, Timothea Armour an allan ramsay, Jen Martin How far away are you?, Misa Brzezicki ‘until’ scores, Maria Howard The House of Water, Enxhi Mandija If you punctuate yourself as silence, Elaine Y. J. Zheng Unrealised, Jessica Higgins La, Rachel Harris-Huffman A Parallel Fractal, Sara O'Brien I Heart, Margaret Salmon Container, Isabella Streffen Proposal for Enchantment
Presentations: Weeds, War, Capitalism and Artistic Collaboration Aug 2021 Jennifer Kabat Weeds, War, Capitalism and Artistic Collaboration
Soft Shell Aug 2020 Art Writing Soft Shell Radio, Art Writing Ligatures: a Soft Shell Radio collaboration, Art Writing BOMBSHELL
Presentations: 12-Hour Non-State Parade Nov 2019 Laura Edbrook Introduction: The Better Life, Maria Howard no place: conversations as commons, Adrien Howard and they’ll just play on without you, Sara O'Brien roots of a gro(o)ve, Jessica Higgins Soft Rock / Strange Trouble, Jen Martin Charm Offensive, Megan Rudden This isn’t a ghost story but it is a story about ghosts, Camille Cornu and suddenly they were everywhere, Timothea Armour This is a kind of field recording so–, Alice Wadkin A Letter to a Friend
Edition 1 Aug 2019 Laura Edbrook As if*: an editorial, Laurence Figgis Paintings with Legs, Kate Briggs A bit, a piece, a thing, a twin, Esther Draycott 1979, Women’s style in four objects, Calum Sutherland Departure of Biography (for Lei Yamabe), Daisy Lafarge cliché is the sediment of sentiment that collects in my ear, Kiah Endelman Music She had found her world in touch and found it (so) uncomfortable, Imogen Harland Homepage: Design and Desire, Alison Scott A stain, a sting, Susannah Thompson After (After), Clare Patterson By landscape we also mean memory, Rosie Roberts Hey Blue, did you ever know, I would do this?, Sarah Diviney Kathleen