Is the Person Ok, Is the Person With Us

A tapping from somewhere
Like a code we cannot decipher
Interference from others unseen
The detritus of a life

A connection you are having trouble establishing
Someone is there but it’s hard to understand what is being communicated
Voices from somewhere beyond
Somewhere else
A reaching out

Too many people to make sense of what is being communicated
Is the person ok? Is the person with us?

You can’t quite make out what is being communicated
Something is being written or drawn, communicated
But it’s unsure what exactly is trying to be said

Trying to find a heartbeat
Trying to locate someone or yourself somewhere

The different kinds of adornments and what they represent
How they represent a person and their life
Hard and soft
Gold and silver
Stones from the earth

The imprint of my ancestors
A nod to the past
Their stories being told by my hands and my voice
Stories from the earth

Imprints, what is left behind
Of a person, by a person
Of people