This is a kind of field recording so–

So I’ve worked out you have to press it twice to record otherwise it doesn’t do anything.

Sometimes spirits try to talk to you through your stomach
It’s like a heaviness it’s like a big

As I’m standing here just now I can hear footsteps coming in the distance. I feel as though touching is very common as well.

I know you’re here, could you maybe talk to us please
We feel so privileged to be allowed in
We just want to talk to you 
I know this is new to you
let’s just use all of our energy
come on all the way over
if you just want to rub your hands together
come on
I know you’re just looking at just now and observing
there’s nothing to be scared of

So bear with us on the conservation thing.

I didn’t know there was anything wrong, which is stupid in
hindsight but—

Use all of the energy in the room now. All the way over to yes please. Come on, all the way over.
Use all of our energy
come on all the way over
sometimes spirits just observe and don’t interact
come on
when I was in here earlier, there was someone in here who din’t like being called a spirit, is that you?
Is that why you’re ignoring us
you shocked quite a few people in the other room, din’t you eh? when they all called you spirit you turned a light on all by yourself, god I was soooo impressed with that.

It breaks my heart when he sings,
“And it’s breaking my BACK…”
And so beautifully evocative of an
England (sadly—and for a number
of reasons) RAPIDLY disappearing.

come on
Soon such gems as this will be nowt but a (very) distant and lovely memory

you like being called friend didn’t you
well friends talk to each other
it’s as if it wants to 
come on
that’s it use all of our energy
come on
this is a chance to hear your story
come on

I get this feeling on the side of my head sometimes, it becomes sort of hypersensitive, like the palm of my hand.

Sometimes it’s because the energy gets depleted
it takes so much energy for them to even communicate
she said a moment
so she wanted a moment

The whole band smelled like fresh sheets and surely that’s what ghosts smell like. Someone at some point used the term ‘spirit workers’.

The morning depends on what happened the night before and not the other way around.

You have to give them enough time to respond. Okay thank you. Can you turn the torch on if you worked here? Can you turn the torch on if you lived here please?

Are you a professional?


Can you get woken up at night by a deer drinking loudly?

what was that
if you want us to go away
look look look look
that just shows us
look look look look
come on
keep going
well done
thank you
so that’s something

Part of the Art Writing 2019-20 contribution to 12-Hour Non-State Parade International Symposium, Cooper Gallery, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee, Saturday 30 November 2019, 11am – 11pm.