Charm Offensive

Walking over to me
You were walking over to me


an oxymoron?
Finding your charm offensive
Looking to charm, I’m looking to charm

This is where recounting
The tea here put in my hands

Typing this up from yesterday

It was also about the crossing, how you did the crossing of the room, and that came before you put the cup in my hands so that is just also worth commenting on the way, you
made your way, across the room

It wasn’t the fact that you had to move around certain objects, but also that you asked me to
stay sat.
Stay sat, so I can watch you from further away, do something for me, and also I have to watch you do, I can’t wait with you and fill that time before the cup gets filled, even the boiling, so before the walking, the boiling of the water. I’ve got to wait for you, you’re
actually waiting

for me, your weight on this object. This gesture. Before that, it was the cup choice—and that’s also a point—you chose a cup that was somebody else’s and you made it clear it was someone else’s, so there’s some kind of extra thing to handle, in that, it’s not clear whether this cup is allowed to be used. And by

‘Is this alright for you?’  asked you.

The economy of a moment is taxing to reverse through, but it oftentimes is worth going over the minute bits, ‘cos that’s where are eyes fall and rest. Who’s gonna wash the cup?—probably me because to undo it is what I want to,
let’s set this straight again,
I’ll get the door.

Part of the Art Writing 2019-20 contribution to 12-Hour Non-State Parade International Symposium, Cooper Gallery, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee, Saturday 30 November 2019, 11am – 11pm.