an allan ramsay

an allan ramsay 
that’s an allan ramsay 
when you said allan ramsay it started going crazy
allan ramsay is the author of the painting

are you the second earl
are you alright are you getting anything

I think we could get some audibles in here
I wouldn’t be surprised if we could get some audibles in here

what you’re doing sounds good 

a dog barks
a ghost dog 
ghost dog!
ghost dog
I wonder if they can hear that someone’s under there
a high pitched noise coming from a drain cover

I think this guy wants to talk to us
we’re all going to get round the table and try and talk to this guy
tunefully humming
a nice drone

I think he wants to talk to us
he definitely wants to speak to someone
as it dies away try and harmonise

okay sir if you want to stop that now we’re listening to you
stop that for us now stop that nonsense

we’re going to sit down and we’re going to talk to you properly
it’s actually pushing on my shoulder
do you want it to sound more minor
just going to turn the gain up a bit

what was that

they were saying allan ramsay’s the painter but she said allan ramsay and it went berserk
every time we say his name

he’s a painter
he’s not the person in it he’s the painter
let’s get the lights out
I think we’ve got allan ramsay in here
is this allan ramsay that we’re speaking to
oh there you go
do you want to come and sit with us at the table
we’re going to join hands join fingers
that is bizarre that is
is there a spirit here by the name of allan ramsay
is allan ramsay with us
i’m going to make a sound spirit can you copy me please

shhh shh sh

can you knock twice for me
on any surface that you choose
is that not just people upstairs
just to make it clear that that’s not people moving upstairs, spirit, out of the deepest respect, can you knock twice please
if you are sitting in that corner on that chair stamp your feet
so we’ll follow you in
when you’re ready
i’ll just hit it
did you hear that that was so clear
hit it

not like that but thanks

that was really horrible
did you just hear two knocks
I don’t know what note that is
I might put it in the middle

can you do that again for us spirit
the room’s getting darker and darker
is there someone here that you feel connected with
are you sensing anyone in the room with us
which one
one of the men in the portraits

okay okay
can you make two very loud bangs on the table please
assert order on the table
come on, we’re giving you energy
do you want to show us how powerful you are
wouldn’t that be fabulous
or move somebody’s chair
if there’s one of you one knock, two of you two and so on
come on you’re a strong spirit
yes you are

did you hear that
you start
you could also get us moving past the mic
all together
off you go

what was that
are you walking around the room
just heard another one
I don’t know what it is but on my right arm near my

what you’re doing sounds good

maybe we have to get out now
anyone got any last
any last requests
before you get sacrificed

maybe just a tiny bit of wailing
just a discordant kind of aaa

as someone comes in on a note
a tuning circle

as someone comes in on note try and clash with them
a good thing to end on

sorry I laughed
I’m sorry guys I’m sorry

it’s quite difficult
it’s fine let’s do it

don’t know why I’m recording this bit
i’ll count you in
if you pause slightly

right here we go
is everyone ready
3 2 1
this isn’t the wickerman
the wickerman