Edition 2

The Yellow Paper Edition 2 includes Art Writing graduates of 2020 & 2021 and contributions from Daniela Cascella, James N. Hutchinson, Melissa McCarthy, Margaret Salmon and Isabella Streffen. Edited by the Art Writing Programme lead Laura Haynes.


With new writing from: Laura Haynes On Uncertainty: an editorial, Daniella Cascella My Chimera, Megan Rudden Not Always Dessert, Melissa McCarthy Epidermal Epistemology aboard the Pequod, Molly May O’Leary Lambent Flame, Siuán Ní Dhochtartaigh The Grateful Economy and Déjà vu, Alice Wadkin The Conference, Timothea Armour an allan ramsay, Jen Martin How far away are you?, Misa Brzezicki ‘until’ scores, Maria Howard The House of Water, Enxhi Mandija If you punctuate yourself as silence, Elaine Y. J. Zheng Unrealised, Jessica Higgins La, Rachel Harris-Huffman A Parallel Fractal, Sara O’Brien I Heart, Margaret Salmon Container, Isabella Streffen Proposal for Enchantment


ISBN 978-1-9162092-1-3