Daniela Cascella

Daniela Cascella (Italy/UK) is a writer, researcher, lecturer and editor. Her work is concerned with forms and transformations of critical writing that inhabit, echo and are haunted by their subjects: literature, voices, concealments of the self. She is the author of three books in English: Singed. Muted Voice-Transmissions, After The Fire (Equus Press, 2017), F.M.R.L. Footnotes, Mirages, Refrains and Leftovers of Writing Sound (Zer0 Books, 2015) and En Abîme: Listening, Reading, Writing. An Archival Fiction (Zer0 Books, 2012). In 2018 she was awarded a three-year scholarship to undertake a Ph.D. in the Department of Art and Design at Sheffield Hallam University, where she has been developing a research project in the form of two books in which, through encounters with the prose of Alejandra Pizarnik, Cristina Campo, Roberto Calasso, the idea of ‘chimeric’ writing is practiced and theorised. Daniela has contributed to the programme throughout 2021-22 and invited the cohort to consider forms of chimeric writing.

Author Date Title
Daniela Cascella September 2021 My Chimera